Bilateral Gynecomastia Overview

What You Need to Know About Bilateral Gynecomastia

If there is one condition that lowers a man’s self-esteem it has to be gynecomastia commonly referred to as man’s boobs. This is problem where there is an excessive production of glandular tissue of the breast. Thus, one will end up having a feminine shape and form. Some men experience inflated nipples while others might have a full puffed breast enlargement. Bilateral gynecomastia is the enlargement of both breasts in a man. This condition can go away on itself or it might require medical intervention for instance, you can resolve to have a surgery or just the normal medication. Thus, depending with the how you feel, you should opt for the best alternative.

There are various symptoms that can pinpoint that you have bilateral gynecomastia. The initial symptom for this kind of condition is that you will see swollen breast tissue and breast tenderness on either one of your breast or both. In addition, the enlargement might occur unevenly on the breast.

This condition is caused by many factors. One of the causes is the presence of estrogen in the body. When estrogen levels in a man are high than the testosterone level, one might end up having bilateral gynecomastia. The hormone normally results from the certainly occurring hormonal changes, health disorders and medications. Chemotherapy treatments for diseases such as cancer, natural aging process, using marijuana, dialysis, and radiation for the testicles, hormone treatments and testosterone deficiency are other causes of bilateral gynecomastia.

For one to diagnose bilateral gynecomastia, you must go through a physical health examination including being questioned on your current medications. You can also undergo palpation, which is generally feeling the breast tissue, genitals and abdomen, blood tests for hormone levels, x-rays, mammograms, CT scans, ultrasounds, MRIs and biopsies. The medical practitioner will also assess if other conditions are present like excess fatty tissues in the breast, breast cancer or abscesses. This is because, one of the symptoms for cancer is the enlargement of breasts on one side, bloody nipple discharge, hard attached bump in the breast and pustule over the breast tissue.

To hide the bilateral gynecomastia, many men go for weird ways such putting on a lot of cloths so that they can hide their breasts. However, what they do not know is that the act can be very uncomfortable. You need to seek medical attention once you realize that you have bilateral gynecomastia. Treatment options varies depending with the intensity of discomfort the patient feels. Ideally, fundamental medical conditions causing bilateral gynecomastia have to be evaluated and treated by a medical practitioner. If the condition persists then it is recommended that you seek other curative measures including surgery. There are two types of surgery that an individual can undergo that is; mastectomy where breast glands are removed and liposuction where excess fatty tissues in a patient will be removed.

Prevention is better than cure. Thus, to prevent bilateral gynecomastia, doctors’ advice that you should not use all any recreational drugs like marijuana and any other supplements that are meant for bodybuilding.

These are some of the facts you need to know about bilateral gynecomastia.

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