Gynecomastia Causes: Why Men Have Feminine Breasts

In this article, we are going to talk about gynecomastia causes and figure out why nearly 30 to 40 percent of the entire population of men have feminine breasts. There is no doubt that most men if not all love to see feminine breasts. However, if they see those breasts in their own chests, it is entirely a different story for straight men or even for gays who prefer to be straight-acting. Some men who do not know the gynecomastia causes go into panic thinking that may have some weird disease. Moreover, it causes some men to lose self-confidence. There are several gynecomastia causes that may explain why many men have feminine breast although in many cases, the causes are unknown.

Hormonal Imbalance One of the Most Common Gynecomastia Causes

Based on several researches done on gynecomastia causes, a significant majority of the cases has been attributed to the imbalance of hormones. Androgenic hormones are responsible for the development as well as the maintenance of the characteristics which are inherently exclusive to men. The male body secretes androgen which is more popularly known as testosterone. It is responsible for establishing the masculine breasts which is obviously different from feminine breasts. Estrogen hormones on the other hand are responsible for the female characteristics. An imbalance in the ratio of these hormones is among the most common gynecomastia causes. Excess estrogen hormones on the male body may cause the feminine breasts present on them.

Drugs Intake

Some prescribed drugs cause hormonal imbalance and abnormalities in the structure of the body. The same effects are also present on illegal drugs. It is also one of the gynecomastia causes. If are a man who have had some serious illnesses that require such prescribed drugs, that may explain why you have feminine breasts as part of the side effects of those drugs. The same goes for illegal drugs. If you are using illegal drugs like heroin, marijuana and anabolic steroids for whatever reason, it may be high time for you to stop.


Some gynecomastia causes are related to puberty. It is in the age of puberty where majority of the hormonal changes occur. Fluctuations on the hormones are also fast in this stage. The changes and fluctuations on the ratio of hormones affect the body structure that may result to partial enlargement of the male breasts. Several men who have experienced gynecomastia during their age of puberty find out that it eventually disappears after some time when the hormones are already stable.

Excess fats and lack of exercise

Gynecomastia causes also include having excess fats on the breasts especially when the person is overweight. When diet is poor and lack of exercise is present, it may be one of the gynecomastia causes. This is precisely why it is always advised to have a healthy diet and regular exercise. One purpose is to help the body attain balance in hormones with proper blood circulation and healthier internal organs. Second purpose is to get rid of the excess fats and build sufficient amount of muscles.

Awareness of gynecomastia causes is very important to have better understanding of the condition. It is also important in order to figure out the proper treatment for it.

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