Severe Gynecomastia Facts

Knowing more about severe gynecomastia

There are so many people who keep on asking and asking about gynecomastia and also how bad it is. Well, before anything, it will be better to know what gynecomastia is so that you will get a better understanding. Gynecomastia is plainly the enlargement of the breasts where men are concerned. When men tend to have bigger breasts like women have, it is known as gynecomastia. The reason why it is can be considered to be severe is depending on the size of how big or small the man’s breasts are. Gynecomastia happens due to the proliferation of glands in the breast.

Gynecomastia starts slowly then grow to become severe. Severe gynecomastia has nothing to do with fat or obese men with so much flesh around their breast. However; it has to do with real breasts in form of a woman’s breast that tend to appear in men. Severe gynecomastia does not have anything to do with the age of a man. This is because it can happen to men of all ages. Yes, this is why as boys grow, their parents need to be very careful. When there are signs of gynecomastia, boys should be rushed to the hospital before it turns into severe gynecomastia.

Men with severe gynecomastia have to live their whole lives feeling not part of the world. This feeling of not being normal and being unwanted has led many to their death. There have been so many issues with regards to men with gynecomastia committing suicide. This mostly happens because of the high level of discrimination. Severe gynecomastia can be devastating. With severe gynecomastia, the breasts of the man can be as big as a size D or even C of a woman which is outrageous. In some parts of the world, such men are considered cursed and either banished or killed. While in others, men with gynecomastia that is severe are considered to be useless this is bad.

From the ages of nine years and above, the occurrence of gynecomastia is possible. This is why parents need to be very careful. It can be cured if there is patience on the side of the man. Some of the causes of severe gynecomastia include pituitary tumors, hormonal imbalances, viral orchitis, congenital trauma, heredity, testicular torsion, and so may others. Checking your nipple size regularly will make you aware when there is any danger coming close or near with regards to gynecomastia.

There are so many men who have sat blindly for their gynecomastia to become severe. However, severe gynecomastia can be also corrected with surgery and other traditional methods. Severe gynecomastia can be found mostly in older men this makes it quite difficult choosing the right surgery that won’t end up causing them their lives and health in totality. Making the decision on the right type of treatment can be quite difficult especially if you do not have the right ideas as to how to deal with them. However; with the help of a good health practitioner, you can sail through it successfully.

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